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Region :- Uttarakhand
Duration :- 5 Days
Grade :- Easy To Moderate
Max Altitude :- 12,500 Ft.
Approx Trekking Km :- 20 Kms.
Dates: 7/1/2018 to 11/1/2018
About the Trek:

Adorned with ravishing beauty of falling snow and fringed with pine trees, The Kedarkantha Trek is one of the most sought after snow trekking destinations in India. With falling winter snow it’s a mesmerizing pictorial view and what’s more attractive, is the view of the Mighty Himalayas from the trails right to the top. Nestled at a height of 3810 meters which is about 12,500 feet this is an ideal trekking trail which covers a consolidated distance of 20 kms. The distance is not much and the trekking trail is neither very difficult which enables even the first time trekkers to set on the adventure and enjoy the beauty of nature at its best. With charming and captivating sights of snow clapped Himalayas, the verdant greenery, lush landscapes, myriad collection of flora, frozen ponds, to the sights of mesmerizing peaks, this trek have all the delightful marvels that a trekker wish to experience and view in his journey. Not only for the adventure seekers and trekkers, to enjoy thrilling challenges, The Kedar Kantha Trek is an ideal destination for the nature lovers to bask in the beauty of undisturbed nature and enjoy delightful and blissful moments with exhilarating experiences.
Based in Western Garhwal in the Uttarakashi district, the Kedarkantha trek is known for being one of the easy treks of the country which can be attended by people who are in experienced trekkers and have no knowledge of prior trekking. However physical fitness is required where one should be able to jog at least for 4 kms in 30 minutes before committing for the trekking tour. As the altitude rises the air becomes thin and people needs to carry backpacks too, which can all be very difficult, without proper physical fitness.
Trekking in Uttrakhand is always a pleasure due to its ravishing beauty and panoramic natural views that cannot be matched with any other destinations within the country. But among all the fascinating locations and thrilling trekking sites available it is the snow treks of Kedarkantha which inspires every trekker a lot. In fact it has a lot of reasons of being such a terrific trek which makes it so popular among the enthusiastic travelers. The very first reason is the availability of snow till the end of April making it one of the best winter trek destination of all. And what more one can view the lovely snows at a height of only 10,000 feet lying at the base of the pine trees. The next reason for its popularity is the lovely campsites, where every site is unique in its own way and does not match the beauty with any other campsites in the journey. Another beauty of this trekking trail is that it starts from dense pine forest where one can begin the trekking trail walking over the bed brown dried leaves creating a unique experience and a magnificent view that is absolutely unparallel. Last but not the least is the splendid jaw dropping breath taking view of the famous snow clapped mountain summits that comes into view as soon as one steps in Kedarkantha base and the view gets more stunning which each step towards the summit. In a whole the trekking tour promises refreshing and heart filled pleasure which makes the destination so attractive to millions of visitors throughout the year
Though Kedarkantha Trek can be conducted almost the whole year but the aspiring views that it provides in the winter months from December to April cannot be compared with summer times. The snow clapped trekking trails and the buckets of snow at the base of the pine trees are a fascinating beauty to savor and which remains only available during the winter days. In fact for the locals the winter months are a time for rejoice and they enjoy with a number of festivals during this time. However it is better to avoid the monsoon time for trekking in these trail.

Day No: 1
Drive from Dehradun to Sankri (6450 ft, 10 hrs):- We will arrange the transport and they will meet you at Dehradun railway station to pick you for long but scenic drive Sankri via Mussoorie, Barkot, Purola, Mori, Netwar along the Tons River. On arrival set out camp for overnight stay.

Day No: 2
Trek from Sankri to Juda Ka Talab (9000 ft, 4 hrs):- After morning exercise we will have our breakfast and start the trek around 8 AM for our next camp Juda Ka Talab. We will camp beside the small pond surrounded by Pine and Oak trees. One can have beautiful views of snow clad peaks from Juda Ka Talab campsite.

Day No: 3
Trek from Juda Ka Talab to Kedarkantha Base (9000 ft, 7 hrs):- Get up early morning to see the golden glow of snow clad peaks. Post breakfast start the trek to Kedarkantha Peak base which takes around 4 hrs to reach Kedarkantha Peak base. Enjoy hot lunch and explore the area.

Day No: 4
Trek from Kedarkantha Base to Kedarkantha Peak and back to Kedarkantha Base:- Today is a long day trek up to the summit of Kedarkantha peak, have your lunch with amazing views of snow clad peaks of Yamunotri and Gangotri ranges. After spending some quality time at the peak we trek back to nearby camping site at the Kedarkantha Base.

Day No: 5
Trek from Kedarkantha Base to Sankri (9000 ft, 8 hrs):- Trek down from Kedarkantha Base to Sankri via Hargaon on well marked trail by stones. Trek down through thick forest of Pine and Maple trees and at some places you will have open views of beautiful Har Ki Dun valley. Drive back to Dehradun to catch your train to Delhi with kaleidoscopic memories of the Kedarkantha Trek.

TRIP FEES: Rs. 9500 + 5% GST 

To Register or for queries contact Dimesh Patel on 9892974968 / 8879941420

Dehradun to Sankri on Day 1
Sankri to Dehradun on Day 2

Four Nights Camping during Trek
Dome Tents, Mattresses and Sleeping Bags
Mess Tent for the Group
Toilet Tents - Dry Pit Style
All Meals Cooked in Hygienic ConditionsAll Meals (Veg.) during the Trek
Kitchen Tent, Equipment & All Rations
Natural Spring / Purified Water during Trek
Support Team
One Qualified Trek Leader
One Assistant Trek Leader / Local Guide
Porters / Mules (for Equipment)
Safety & Rescue
Mountaineering Course Qualified Trek Leader
Local Support Team for Geographical Intelligence
Walky Talky with Team Members for Swift Communication
Crampons / Microspikes to the Trekkers (if Required)
Oxygen Cylinder with the Team
First-Aid Medical Kit with the Team
Oxymeter with the Team
Staff Travel Insurance
Nature & Environment
Proper Segregation Bins an Waste Management at Campsite
Charity Support to One Local Community-Based NGO
Clean up Drive at Season Ending
Equipment Purchase and Rental Support
Maximum 18-22 Trekkers in a Batch
Permits up to Rs. 500/-

Personal Gears
Meals at Sankri
Meals During Transportation
GST (5%)
Tips, Gratitude to the Team

Backpack Holidays expects you to carry your personal luggage on your own, if you don’t want to carry your backpack so you can give it to porter, but you have to inform us in advance and have to pay Rs. 350/- extra per day per bag.
*Travel Insurance (up to Rs. 2,00,000/-) is available @ Rs. 350 per trekker for the whole trek duration. For Travel Insurance, booking must be made at least two weeks prior to the departure date.
Cancellation Policy:
Up to 30 Days:- 90% of Trek/adventure program cost will be refunded.
Between 21 - 30 Days:- 60% of Trek/adventure program cost will be refunded.
Between 20 - 11 Days:- 30% of Trek/adventure program cost will be refunded.
Less than 10 Days:- No refund.

Rescheduling Policy:
Up to 10 Days:- 30% of Trek/adventure program cost will be charged.
Less than 10 Days:- No rescheduling allowed.
Other Terms:
Any additional costs due to weather / unforeseen situations, will have to be borne by the traveller.
Our team reserves the right to change the plan in case there is danger involved for the group or whenever the trek leader deem it necessary.
Final word of the trek leaders will have to followed by all the members.
No show and trek changes/cancellation due to bad weather or natural calamity will be non-refundable.

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