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What we did at Duke's Nose...

34 was the final count of participants which turned up to Rappel Dukes Nose. A 300 Ft of Rappelling is all what they had read in my invitation email. 1000 ft of traversing was completely discounted by all. Mostly because they did not understand what Traversing means. Lol. I had some amazing day with these 34 Adventure enthusiasts.

All 34 less JPMC group
Trek is of easy grade. 20 minutes on flat terrain and then 20 minutes of steep climb. O come on don't tell me that last 20 minutes were tough. Those 20 minutes reveals your fitness level.

On top of Dukes nose, there's a beautiful ancient Shiva temple.

Nandi and the God himself are witness to loads of adventure enthusiasts who visit Dukes nose for rappelling, climbing, trekking, traversing, monkey walking, high line, flying fox, etc. One place has so much of potential for Adventure. Nandi and Shiva has seen tears of fear as well as joy. A great equalizer this adventure is. Age, gender, caste is forgotten as the focus is on activity.

A brief introduction of equipments to be used was given by Hemant Salunkhe Sir

An ace Mountaineer. 35  years of life spent in mountains. Wow!! It ensured that the participants were in safe hands.

The moment had come... Rappelling was about to kick off.

One of the participant reminded me of a song

Tum itna jo muskura rahe ho, kya darr hai jisko chhupa rahe ho
Well, it all started with a smile, fear in between, more fear during traversing and ended in joy.

One by one people started to rappel. 10 minutes of Rappelling time and you are all alone. Its only you, your thoughts, beautiful valley behind. For some, it is like meditation and for some a motivator. And people who think that the adventure ends as soon as you land 300 ft below the starting point then you are fooling yourself. 1000 ft of traversing is equally adventurous. So adventurous that the adventure is forgotten and the fear is seen.

I will not write more about it as it is something to be experienced and stored in memory.

This is what a client (Now a friend) thinks about the event:

Better than Bungy, Sky and every other thing! 

The Adventure:
Yes, it is an ACTUAL adventure which keeps you busy from the start to the end. 

This is where you have to do things by yourself and not just be tied to someone Or you jump off and it's over. 

The rappelling part was fabulous as expected but the surprise is the 'traverse' 
It's just wow and no words can do justice. 
You have to experience it. 

The team:
Organised to the point from the start to the end! 
Dimesh's team is just thorough professional. 
His rappelling team was just too professional! 
At the traverse they were very sure everything went safe. 

Bravo to the team. Just have to do it once again! 

Ritwik Sheth

Backpack Holidays
Dimesh Patel
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  1. I was really a life changing experience. It changed my way to look at life. The greatest part was to be with the team at end and everyobe was having that joy. I will say, everyone felt the same way.

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