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Dream Trek Destinations: Alang & Madangad

Alang & Madangad are beautiful but extremely challenging trekking destinations. They have been on wish list of most of trekkers but not many are able to do it successfully due to Rock climbing involved in it. But as an Adventure event organiser, we take pride in taking along even first timers with us to such challenging treks and see to it that they are able to conquer the difficult peaks with safety. All that we want is Will Power, other things would be provided by us. ;-)

Friday night was spent in School verandah. All we had above us was start studded sky. Cool wind outside and warmth inside sleeping bag, dragged us into sweet sleep smoothly. oooh, and it was difficult to come out of sleeping bag in the morning. So cozy was it inside.

And the trek begins from Ambewadi. Plan is to reach the col and then climb Madangad first, come down and then climb Alang to spend night in the cave there. To reach col, we will take some 2 hrs and 30 minutes.

Lovely forest takes you till the col. Dont have to face sun at all. Beautiful Karvy trees surrounds you. It makes me wonder how it will be in 2016 when karvy will bloom after wait of 8 years.

Bahubali carved on piece of rock by Jain's. It is said that this route was used for trade and jain traders carved their God Bahubali on one such rock.

Last patch is a beautiful steep climb which will lead us to the small cave. On one side of it is Madangad and on the other is Alang. Actually the cave is in Alang mountain itself. We have to reach on top of this mountain where we halt for night.

A much needed break was taken in the cave and out came the sandwiches, plum cakes, theplas and what not.

I was thinking how much people will pay me for a 2 nights and a 3 days package for putting up at this pristine place. I guess honeymooners will pay me more.

Traverse to reach Madangad

One wrong step and you might be knocking on Heaven's door... Remember, Sadak pe masti, jaan nahi sasti

Just for the picture we sat here on the steps leading to Madangad.

60 Ft patch is what you have to climb to reach Alang top. Well as a event organiser we dont expect you to know master of rock climbing. All that we want is just that you follow instructions.

But before you reach the final patch of 60ft, you need to cross this small 20 ft patch which is very tricky.

Checked into the cave and then the big group was divided in 3 groups. 1. Cooking team

Group 2. Waiting for food to get ready

Group 3. is not captured in picture as they went to take round of the fort

First rays hitting the Bhandardara lake

Our bedroom... People claimed that i snored... but all i know is that i had peaceful and undisturbed sleep for 8 hrs and 30 minutes. ;-)

It is rice but served as if it was Poha. Lol

Rohit wanted coconut biscuits. All we had the coconut shell. Good that he accommodated.

And we call him Jugaadu Engineer. BTW all pictures on this blog are clicked by him.

They say that, if you have to prove that you had visited Alang, then one such picture is required. So here is my bit.

And we got lil crazy as sense of achievement got into our head. Rahul our lead climber posing as Kasab and me as Al Qaeeda head, who is punishing Kasab who got back to the camp with some biryani in his belly, who was released by Indian Govt for good behavior in jail (LOL, seriously our politicians are capable of doing it)

The playing 11, who conquered their dream destination successfully.

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