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Outbound Training

Outbound Management Programmes or Outbound Training are a training method for enhancing organizational performance through experiential learning. Such programs are often also referred to as corporate adventure training and outdoor management development.

Outbound Training Programmmes generally revolve around activities designed to improve leadership,communication skills, planning, change management, delegation, teamwork, and motivation. Participants are divided into teams and assigned tasks or activities for completion in a specified time. Achievement and performance during these activities is reviewed in group discussions to identify behaviors that enhance performance or lead to failure or decreased performance. Strategies are formulated to deal with factors that hinder, and these strategies are then put to use in the activities that follow, to test their effectiveness.

In Outbound Training the facilitator challenges a group to achieve a goal, but does not explain how to successfully complete the challenge. Participants must work to find a solution individually and together as a team, and must communicate and learn from each other in order to be successful. The Learning begins with the experience followed by reflection, discussion, analysis and evaluation of the experience.

We strongly believe that outbound training  can be the key element of developing a tight knit, effective and high performance teams.

Applying Outbound Training to Enhance Learning

Backpack takes pride in providing Quality Outbound and Experiential Learning Activities with its Strong Adventure Experience. With years of experience and qualified instructors and facilitators we aim to offer adventure activities that enhance team spirit and cooperative culture within the group.

We employ a variety of Adventure and Team Building activities to conduct Outbound Training. 

Training Delivery

Our areas of expertise in Outbound Training include: 
Management Training 

• Leadership Skills
• Communication
• Change Management  
• Giving Feedback
• Delegation Skills
• Motivation Skills
• Creativity & Innovation
• Problem Solving
• Working in Teams
• Team Leadership
• Team Bonding
• Trust Building
• Strategic Thinking
Personal Development Training:

• Presentation Skills
• Emotional Intelligence
• Time Management
• Confidence Building
• Decision Making
• Personal Impact
• Assertiveness Skills
• Goal Setting
• Stress Management
• Conflict Management
• Interpersonal Skills
• Listening Skills
• Persuasion Skills

Training Methodology

Learning Training Cycle
Our Training Methodology
We use a focused, planned, safe and structured approach to design all our Team Building and outbound learning activities. Our Programs includes Classroom Training Sessions along with variety of Outbound, Experiential, Adventure and Team Building Games and activities.

The Facilitation and Learning process includes variety of methodologies and techniques which include David Kolb’s Experiential Learning Model (ELM), Learning combination Lock, Johari Window, Lateral Thinking etc.

Our Facilitators work with the Learning & Development or Human Resources Department to evaluate, suggest and customize the Learning Objectives to deliver on the desired outcomes.

The main focus with the Training is to impart learning on organizational needs such as  Leadership, Strategic Thinking, Conflict Management, Team Building, Effective Communication, Quality Improvement, Mentoring and Skill Development.  


Raft Building

Split into teams they will be given only the bare essentials: barrels, tubes, poles and rope, with which, in a limited amount of time they have to build a raft!.

Raft Building focuses on group dynamics, communication skills and leadership. We present the group with the challenge of building rafts out of limited resources. They must work together on all stages from carrying their materials to designing, building and finally paddling their rafts

Kayaking & Boating

kayak  is a small human-powered boat that traditionally has a covered deck, and one or more cockpits, each seating one paddler who strokes a double-bladed paddle. Kayaks move much easier in the water

Boats take more than 4 persons and need all persons to use oars to row the boat. Kayaking and boating are safe and fun activity for everyone. Life jackets are used so even non swimmers can participate

White Water Rafting

Testing your teams will to survive by braving nature's forces can help them discover hidden strengths.

Rafting is a thrilling and exciting sport that you will remember for a long time. The rafting trips are run by Trained professional guides and wetsuits and life jackets and helmets are provided for safety. - got some courage - try this and you will come out more confident then before

Treasure Hunt

We organise treasure hunts at a wide range of locations across India.

The challenge will involve problem solving, locality clues and orienteering. Treasure Hunt facilitates Strategy and planning in solving the puzzle. communication, Team Collaboration and Team Bonding


Camping is a Preferred Outbound activity where the participants work together to setup the camping area. Camping teaches the participants on how to collaborate and share the tasks.

Cooking is also combined with Camping to enhance team bonding and cooperation.



Trek or trekking is a long journey undertaken on foot in areas where common means of transport is generally not available. it is days of walking along different terrains along with adventure and unpredictability.

Backpack Holidays organises Hiking and trekking all over India
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