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Employee Induction Program

The biggest challenge that corporate India faces is getting new employees to seamlessly integrate into the organization by understanding its culture, values and operational excellence.

Our employee Induction  programs are enabled to help the 'new' staffers to understand the culture, vision, mission of the company they are joining. The idea is to integrate the new employee into the company's culture with minimum shock value using a combination of indoor and outdoor sessions.

There is always a gap between  new employees and company's induction program. Group inductions can also be hard to coordinate, with many presenters to schedule and loads of information to share in limited time, the unfortunate result can be a long day session of one-way presentations and little or no benefit to the new employee and the company.

To overcome the problems of new employee  induction we use a new approach where the employees are introduced to the organization's vision, mission and values by the senior management of the company and this is  followed up with indoor and outdoor activities which reflect the same core values and statement.  This method has proved to be powerful program in introducing the new employee to the corporate culture and at the same time improve the induction process.

We work with companies HR department to understand the mission, vision, values and culture. Our trainers will then build the induction program based on the specific requirements to meet the goals and expectations. 

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