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Adventure Based Learning

Adventure & Experiential Learning

Adventure or Challenge based learning  can be the key element of developing a tight knit, effective and high performance teams. It is a powerful learning method that results from the process of working toward the understanding or resolution of a problem or challenge at hand.

Traditional Vs Challenge Based Learning

Challenge Based Learning provides the participants with a real  problem to solve upfront, allow them to brainstorm and use resources to gather information, and finally, solve the problem.

Adventure Based Group challenges help people explore issues of leadership, cooperation, and conflict. The hands-on activities provide a laboratory for the team to experiment with different ways to lead or support each other. As with other experiential training, at the end of each exercise participants explore options for greater effectiveness through reflection, reviewing, debriefing and goal setting.

Because a group is making decisions in the moment, Challenge Based Learning helps groups see their own dynamics more clearly. It is a powerful method for team-building and self-discovery.  GET STARTED NOW

Applying Experience & Adventure to Enhance Learning

Backpack takes pride in providing Quality Experiential Learning Activities with its Strong Adventure Experience. With years of experience and qualified instructors and facilitators we aim to offer adventure activities that enhance team spirit and cooperative culture within the group. The following are some of the adventure based learning methods that are employed.
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