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A controlled descent on a vertical surface, as a cliff or wall, by sliding down a belayed rope is called Rappelling. It is also known as Abseiling. Rappelling can be done on a natural or artificial surface using a rope & other equipment's.

Waterfall Rappelling:
Also technically known as canyoning, more often associated with technical descents, those that require rappels (abseils) and rope work, down-climbing amidst a gushing waterfall.

We also conduct Rappelling for private groups, minimum size required is 20.

Preferred destination for Rappelling and Waterfall Rappelling are:
Jivdhan - Khada Parshi - 300 Ft

Dukes Nose - 300 Ft

Raigad, Takmaktok - 300 Ft

Kokankada, Harishchandragadh - 1800 Ft

Naneghat - 300 Ft

Bekare - 100Ft

Dudhiware - 135 Ft

Dhoodhani - 110 Ft

Kondhana - 120 Ft

Siddhagad - 135 Ft

Vihi - 130 Ft

Vardayini - 270 Ft

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